ABC ROM – March 27, 2017 Nexus 6P (Angler)



* frameworks/av/
04f74476d Fix memory leak from MediaHTTP.cpp
0a365141c Fix potential memory leaks (compiler warnings)
4a53a147d fixed leak memory by some extractor using

* frameworks/base/
cd4c1e88eaa [BUG] fix NullPointerException in
23ca0bbb60a Fix the reset of boosted zygote thread priority.
0ae82a8506f Fix for wakelock being held during bootup and idle scenario.

* frameworks/native/
0cdc3d89d Fix leak of file descriptors and memory.

* frameworks/rs/
10d97441 Potential leak of memory pointed to by ‘reduceDescriptions’

* frameworks/support/
b06ca36f1 fix non-UI thread crash

* packages/apps/SlimRecents/
9593892 Fix killapp button being black sometimes

* system/extras/
9c1e709 fix warning: Potential leak of memory pointed to by ‘bench’
0a62e15 fix potential leak of memory pointed.

* frameworks/base/
84f4e43f126 Build Slim Recents into SystemUI [1/2] 0421288fded Revert Slim Recents

* packages/apps/SlimRecents/
aa8d33b Performances: move some settings checks from doInBackground to SettingsObserver
de29b94 Remove useless ic_menu_delete
255d4d6 Slim Recents: fix SystemUI
9f57285 Slim Recents: more fixes, cleanup and improvements -code cleanup -set max cache size to 1/6 max maxMemory
b968857 Slim Recents icon cache: clear it when changing scale factor
b5374e1 Slim Recents: add icon cache to improve performances –
d83365a Slim Recents icon pack: fallback to app icon if pack doesn’t have any
f90a9d8 Slim Recents iconpack support [1/2] 5e2132f SlimRecents: Fix potential SystemUI
7d7e9b5 Slim Recents: fix black killapp button on white cards the button is red, no need to apply light/dark color
a210c91 Slim Recents: don’t show panel if app pinning is currently active ezio
d8d3a6a Slim Recents: fix multiwindow glitch when docking app to bottom aosp multiwindow has this limitation
7bf937c SlimRecents: add killapp button to toptask card
e7833ba Slim Recents: fix toptask header layout and other ui improvements
86ff144 Slim Recent new multiwindow when multiwindow already active: make it more robust
79da3f9 Slim Recent Refactor: full code rewrite and new UI
7a0a00a Slim Recent ui/logic/performances improvements, multiwindow and dynamic drag actions
c19fa57 Slim recents: fix entries order, fix drawable FC, improve longpress Options

* packages/apps/SlimRecents/
f731c78 Slim Recents [1/2]

* frameworks/base/
9af6cac444d Slim Recents: fix SystemUI fc
0818a4b7189 Slim Recents: more fixes, cleanup and improvements

* packages/apps/Settings/
c56848f66 Themes: Expose SmartBar Dialogs from manifest