ABC ROM – January 12, 2018 Nexus 6P (Angler)





* frameworks/av/
b4f6645 Multi screenrecord tile, blinking stop button, screenrecord service impr[2/2]

* frameworks/base/
477392c Update Russian translations
223c048 Screenrec: let hide the red stop button but keep it clickable
4b9c6ed Update Russian translations
40b4a03 Multi ScreenRecord tile, blinking stop button, screenrecord service improvements [1/2] 4123149 base: bring back screenrecord


* frameworks/base/
02d7892 Power button flashlight toggle: add proximity sensor check
e59dbed Revert “Partial and full screenshot: use dynamic wallpaper colors”


* frameworks/av/
33b68b0 libstagefright: use 64-bit usage in native_window_set_usage call


* build/make/
26510ef Karnt-fy zip name and script
cb58fe9 Merge tag ‘android-8.1.0_r7’ into o2

* build/soong/
7e5e393 Merge tag ‘android-8.1.0_r7’ into o2

* frameworks/av/
010f2f2 Merge tag ‘android-8.1.0_r7’ into o2

* frameworks/base/
e363e33 Battery saver QS tile improvements
95e0773 Revert “Battery tile: fix label when charging”
63237df Merge tag ‘android-8.1.0_r7’ into o2

* frameworks/native/
699b0b8 Merge tag ‘android-8.1.0_r7’ into o2

* frameworks/opt/telephony/
1c3f7d6 Merge tag ‘android-8.1.0_r7’ into o2

* frameworks/support/
3e62aa5 Merge tag ‘android-8.1.0_r7’ into o2

* packages/apps/Bluetooth/
56cdbd3 Merge tag ‘android-8.1.0_r7’ into o2

* packages/apps/CellBroadcastReceiver/
3135468 Merge tag ‘android-8.1.0_r7’ into o2

* packages/apps/Contacts/
f72ba95 Merge tag ‘android-8.1.0_r7’ into o2

* packages/apps/PackageInstaller/
ac8e06b Merge tag ‘android-8.1.0_r7’ into o2

* packages/apps/PhoneCommon/
4931474 Merge tag ‘android-8.1.0_r7’ into o2

* packages/apps/Settings/
48fb36f Merge tag ‘android-8.1.0_r7’ into o2

* packages/inputmethods/LatinIME/
47ebf48 Merge tag ‘android-8.1.0_r7’ into o2

* packages/providers/DownloadProvider/
5cf1141 Merge tag ‘android-8.1.0_r7’ into o2

* packages/providers/MediaProvider/
4ac015c Merge tag ‘android-8.1.0_r7’ into o2

* packages/providers/TelephonyProvider/
e97ea15 Merge tag ‘android-8.1.0_r7’ into o2

* packages/services/Telecomm/
9a50e1e Merge tag ‘android-8.1.0_r7’ into o2

* packages/services/Telephony/
6bc4a15 Merge tag ‘android-8.1.0_r7’ into o2

* system/core/
555b09e Merge tag ‘android-8.1.0_r7’ into o2

* system/extras/
8d7a482 Merge tag ‘android-8.1.0_r7’ into o2

* system/media/
8999966 Merge tag ‘android-8.1.0_r7’ into o2

* system/sepolicy/
31bc4de Merge tag ‘android-8.1.0_r7’ into o2


* frameworks/base/
8a61437 Screenshot tile: persist screenshot type after reboot
31944e5 Recents: Fix NPE with locked tasks
81c5b08 Fix volume rocker skip track on Ambient Display and Lift to Wake
c678fea base: fix double volume events on screen off


* frameworks/base/
1b16175 Flashlight toggle api improvements


* frameworks/base/
7064be1 base: refine partial screenshot handling
d5b4d1f Volte flag: smaller string
ae14a0f Append VoLTE status in the carrier name

* packages/apps/AbcSettings/
6f69530 Cleanup unused strings
3136fd6 Update Russian translations

* packages/services/Telephony/
574c363 IMS: Add API to get IMS Registration Status based on subId


* frameworks/base/
d57ac09 Screenshot dynamic wallpaper colors feature: use application context
e2e286a SystemUI: Prevent NPE in Dependency.get() in BrightnessController
4f13d7e Allow to suppress notifications sound/vibration if screen is On [1/2] bc243e4 Revert “App notifications: allow to suppress sound/vibration if screen on [1/2]”

* packages/apps/AbcSettings/
2e706ba Allow to suppress notifications sound/vibration if screen is On [2/2] 46d908e Less boring heads up: improve strings

* packages/apps/Settings/
29f0afb Fix RU translations (#5)
f0af14f Revert “allow to suppress sound/vibration if screen on” for now