ABC ROM – Februari 02, 2018 Nexus 6P (Angler)





* frameworks/base/
985618f Add api to force show led lights

* packages/apps/AbcSettings/
fd6e8c3 Battery led customization: activate led light preview
789ca3d Color picker: allow to activate ongoing led light as color preview

* packages/apps/Settings/
91c4768 Notification log improvements
5e68dfc App notification led customization: activate led preview
b2486a3 Expose the notification log

* vendor/huawei/
a970ddc Update blobs to Android 8.1.0 (OPM3.171019.013)


* frameworks/base/
df8cd36 Remove call to expand QS panel while pressing the Airplane QS tile

* packages/apps/Launcher3/
7d3fde3 Apps drawer search bar: make search text color dynamic
ba68aab Adjust Credits dialog layout


* frameworks/base/
2362958 Update Russian translations
18c8b7b Simplify successful screenrecord notification strings
9a8fa70 Bring back less notification sounds [1/2]

* packages/apps/AbcSettings/
aec903c Update Russian translations
e9aea0d Bring back less notification sounds [2/2]

* packages/apps/Launcher3/
e510b93 Fix reset apps strings
a747696 Build pixel proto inline and cleanup
758b6dd Disable Google now related options if Google now is not installed


* frameworks/base/
5f21868 Cleanup unused tiles drawables
ca4ea05 base: SystemUI: add drawable tint in tuner lockscreen picker
36a2609 SystemUI: use slashify for more qs tile

* packages/apps/Launcher3/
896c110 Hide only default hidden apps in the widget panel, not user ones
31665cb Fix more broadcast logspam
bc327d9 Hide some apps by default and fix FC when hiding all most used apps
78380fc Make hide apps recyclerview smooth

* packages/apps/Settings/
084d5e0 Prevent users from sharing sensitive information


* packages/apps/Launcher3/
f504270 Added reset option to ‘hide app’ feature
7ba70a3 Hide Apps option: show hidden apps at top of the list
f56afa9 RU translation
b5c963e Fix service binding logspam
7c3b9bd Switch from prebuilt java to clean aidl
682ddbd Use dark search bar in home screen for dark theme
426f5c2 Use dark search bar in app drawer for dark theme
5788ddb Better abc logo by Dmitry Gavrilov
4f4c95d Create from the Reddit thread
18e63b8 Update version name to 3.1
bfbba08 Use darker navigation bar for older Android versions
39d8212 Align all apps search bar by rounding translationY to the nearest pixel
ab2f9b7 Sync launcher theme with system dark/light theme
9bacfd6 Add abc flare
1542ff2 ITA strings
a30fa32 Change the Settings theme to match System Settings’ theme
5d520a3 Add ‘app drawer’ category, fix ‘At the glance’ preference
eba659f Organize Settings / redesign credits
fd3e850 Launcher3: disable DOTS_ONLY for badge renderer

* packages/apps/Settings/
ce85cc2 Update Russian translations


* packages/apps/Launcher3/
4a5bcf1 Update each calendar once on date change, use the correct package name


* packages/apps/Launcher3/
2c1c7c0 Fix Hide Apps activity FC
f54c109 Hide apps menu: save on app check/uncheck
b23d0cb Launcher3: Integrate Hidden apps option into Settings
2640ce1 Launcher3: implement hidden app feature
48d3375 Launcher3: use simple set wallapper chooser
f4ef58f Go straight to home when exiting from launcher settings
1a3d2c3 Disable listeners when not needed
c20d4f5 Gestures: fix double-tap power
19b9e83 Gesures: add dt2sleep
c7c4f2a Make AmirZ’s Pixel Launcher source buildable within rom somehow

* packages/apps/Settings/
364cedb Kill the logspam due to BackupSettingsActivity
b79ec2f Revert “Kill the logspam due to BackupSettingsActivity”