ABC ROM – Februari 06, 2018 Nexus 6P (Angler)





* build/make/
ea23cfd Merge tag ‘android-8.1.0_r11’ into o2

* frameworks/av/
18aacb0 Merge tag ‘android-8.1.0_r11’ into o2

* frameworks/base/
3dfeedc Merge tag ‘android-8.1.0_r11’ into o2

* kernel/huawei/angler/
cafe919 Merge tag ‘android-8.1.0_r0.27’ into o2-upstream

* packages/apps/DUI/
6cc7532 Pulse fading blocks render: use more visible colors

* packages/apps/Settings/
ee25c54 Merge tag ‘android-8.1.0_r11’ into o2

* system/core/
0e10312 Allow redeclaring typeattributes

* vendor/huawei/
f67ef13 Update blobs to Android 8.1.0 OPM3.171019.014, Feb 2018

* vendor/nexus/
93fb034 Update Angler fingerprint to OPM3.171019.014/4503998
36ee907 Update Turbo apk to OPM3.171019.014, Feb 2018



* frameworks/base/
19e6a6c Ticker: Clear ticker regardless of setting
0bcbf48 App screenshot filename: remove also spaces

* packages/apps/Launcher3/
f2dc6ac Fix Hide Apps preference FC after packagename change
ef81b4b Fix not working weather and Google now feed automatic theme


* frameworks/base/
b44ef89 Disable power button haptic feedback conditionally

* packages/apps/AbcSettings/
6bdfc8f Disable useless alphaslider for battery led customization
8c4e293 Battery led customization: activate led light preview
f54405e Color picker: allow to activate ongoing led light as color preview

* packages/apps/Settings/
0d5c617 Disable useless alpha slider for notification lights color picker
2a7bb83 App notification led customization: activate led preview